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                      COMPANY NEWS

                      SLAC signs up with Thomas Jimenez’ International Container Supply

                      Date:2017/1/10 16:44:27 Hits:6019

                      SLAC is happy to announcethe formation of SLAC Precision Corporation Americas, a joint venture betweenSLAC and International Container Supply, an engineering company owned by ThomasJimenez, who will be the new venture’s President and CEO.


                      Thomas Jimenez has over25 years’ experience of the can-making industry, having served as RegionalDirector of the Americas at Formatec Tooling Systems and participated in theestablishment of Alfons Haar Incorporated, where he was Marketing Director forthe Americas. In 2000 he set up his own engineering company, InternationalContainer Supply, which specialises in turnkey systems for Easy Open Ends andsheet-fed presses for shells and DRD cans.


                      This move follows SLAC’sacquisition of Italy-based Corima, and is the company’s first move on theAmerican continent, enabling it to serve customers in the region with promptand expert technical assistance and service.

                      zhen stock exchange and had sales revenues ofapproximately 50 million US dollars in 2015.
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